25 July 2010

America's Castle: The Biltmore

On another purely frigid day, we went to the Biltmore.  I was taken with it, much more than I expected to be.  I'm the one that said, "That's it? It's kinda crappy..." when I saw the Cinderella Castle at Disney World.
But as a devotee of Frederick Law Olmstead and historic architecture, I found a great deal to be enjoyed, inside and out.  And, I'll have to go back when it's not so bitterly cold.

The approach

Vaulted entrance

Inside the greenhouse

The head gardener's name was Chauncey (his name inspired the character in Being There)

Note Vanderbilt's initials on the copper pieces

The clock.  For the STABLE. 

23 July 2010

A Winter's Day in NYC

It is sweltering in the south this time of year.  I went back through some of my photos of a subzero day spent in New York City.  December 23, 2008.  Hope it cools you down.

Portrait of Josephine Baker at the Museum of the City of NY
Fantastic exhibit on Paris / NY of the 1920s and 30s

Madame X by John Singer Sargeant
At the Met

From the Egyptian collection at the Met

Walking around Central Park

Sledding in Central Park

At the market in Union Square

A Christmas tree in Washington Square Park

Chris Thile and Michael Daves at the Living Room, Ludlow Street

22 July 2010

Pictures of Colonial Park Cemetery, Savannah

One of the original burying grounds of early Savannahians.  It also has some devastating history.  Savannah was hit by three major yellow fever epidemics before doctors figured out it was transferred via mosquito.  

It is the resting place of many famous Savannahians, included those of the Habersham clan, some of the city's founders.

It was also used as a camp site for Sherman's army when they marched into Savannah.  Sherman did not burn the city in return for unopposed quartering, the city's surrender and a large shipment of cotton.  The soldiers who stayed in the cemetery took down several headstone and altered the epitaphs and many more.  When they left, it was unknown where many stones belonged, so they were placed along the east wall.

20 July 2010

A Parisian afternoon in Savannah

Stop by Papillote for a delicious, fresh lunch made by a real French chef.

My favorite, Le Parisen
A trip to the always-enchanting Paris Market

And take in the tremendous Twilight Visions exhibit at the Jepson.

17 July 2010

Savannah by Night

After a delightful meal at Molly MacPherson's we took a stroll back to the car along Broughton Street.  I was inspired to snap of photos of things along the way.  It was also a bit of a recon mission for the series of photos I am planning, featuring the remnants of the original downtown businesses and stores.

Molly's -- the best place in town.
A large poster for Twilight Visions on view at the Jepson Center

Steve's shadow on the entryway of an empty building

Stairs inside the empty store

I wonder what Eleanor's store was like

Yet another beautiful display by the folks at Paris Market.  I want all of the umbrellas!

15 July 2010

Where to go on a hot, muggy day in Savannah

It's definitely hot outside but there is plenty to keep one cool.  I had a delicious lunch at T-Rex Mex.  It's in the basement level of a building on Broughton, so it is extra cool and away from the glare of the sun.  The decor is Dia de Los Muerto, but don't be alarmed.  The food is fresh and excellent.

The Jepson Center is hosting a fantastic exhibit on the art and artists of Paris in the 1920s and 30s.  The field is an infatuation of mine, and became an academic passion when I took an entire semester on the topic in college.  I programmed a series of films to coincide with the exhibit but it was only recently that I had the chance to (finally) see the exhibit for myself.  It is far reaching and impressive.  I was delighted by old favorites and new discoveries alike.
They don't allow photos inside the exhibit, but here are some images to get you in the mood.

My attempt at surrealist photography
No summer afternoon is complete without a stop at Leopold's Ice Cream.  My latest visit  included assisting friend Stratton Leopold with repairing the vintage jukebox.  Sadly, we were unable to locate the exact problem.  But my Dutch Utopia on a sugar cone was amazing!

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