29 November 2010

28 November 2010

A Sunday in Savannah

It was a lovely day in Savannah.  Slightly chilly, but warm in the sun.  First we stopped in the Jepson Center to see the Modern Masters, The Art of Kahlil Gibran, and The South Beheld.  I didn't care too much for the modern exhibit, but too be fair, it's not my favorite style of art to begin with.  I did find that I enjoyed the portraits of Nathan Oliveira.

Two portraits, on display in the Modern Master exhibit.

I much preferred the works of Kahlil Gibran and was very excited by the art of Southern, self-taught artists.

A very "Blakeian" figure drawing by Gilbran, and a linocut print from Anna Taylor

We had a great brunch at Molly MacPherson's (the first day they have offered brunch), which is all decked out for Christmas.

We discovered a great new store on Broughton Street called Fab'rik.  They have unique clothes and very reasonable prices.  They are also have it set up brilliantly.  The second floor is a "man cave"  for all the boyfriends and husbands to hang out while their women shop.  They even have refreshing beverages!


I can safely say I will be shopping here often.  Then it was off to an old favorite - Paris Market

A quick stop at Leopold's for some Sugar Plum Fairy ice cream rounded out a lovely afternoon in downtown Savannah.

26 November 2010

I'm Thankful For ...

The friends and family I get to see every year at the fair.  It is comforting to have a reunion in a place as lovely and peaceful as Greenup, Illinois -- especially in the summer.

Books.  I can never have too many.  I love them so much my "dining room" is actually a library.

Old movies.  It is reassuring every once in awhile to revisit a classic film - when people dressed well, used grammar and looked fabulous.  Also when they all knew the words and steps to a song they'd never heard before.

Surprises.  It's hard to get me as I am fairly observant, but that's why I appreciate it all the more when someone manages to surprise me.

Tea.  I'm not sure I could go on without it.  It keeps me awake, calms me down, warms me up and cools me off.  It's wonderful.

Halloween.  It's my favorite holiday, for a number of reasons.  It makes it ok to look at the "dark" side and have fun with it.  Scary stories, history, ghosts, and candy.  But mostly I think I like it because it hasn't been *too* ruined by commercial enterprises.  A little mascara as a moustache and you have a costume.  Plus, Poe rules.

Poe.  See above.

The 1893 World's Fair.  It brought Chicago to the forefront, inspired a world and showcased dozens of inventions (including the Ferris Wheel).

23 November 2010

I no longer live where it snows, on purpose.  Too many years in the frozen hinterlands, miserable months without feeling your toes.  Ugh!
But this old postcard reminded me of the days when it wasn't so bad.  Too young to be responsible for shoveling the walk or driving to work.  A day out of school, perhaps.  And even when your hands turned red from the cold, you pretended you didn't feel it just to keep playing...
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