27 July 2011

Leaving Edinburgh via the Train

And heading to Bath...

Please excuse the weird reflections and sometimes grainy images.  These were taken from a train window.  From July 25.

Somewhere around Dunbar and Berwick-On-Tweed

The North Sea

A bit of castle ruin on the seaside
Darlington Station

25 July 2011

Edinburgh: Day Three

So these are from July 24th, our third day in Edinburgh.  We had to take it a bit easy since we wore ourselves out by walking at least a dozen miles the day before.  

The National Gallery of Scotland
The National Gallery is free and open to the public.  They house several noted works of art including some by Van Gogh, Picasso, Cezanne, Gainsborough, Rembrandt, and Monet - as well as numerous national works like the Reverend Walker by Raeburn.

A pot of tea at Jenner's, overlooking the gardens

A view of the castle from below at Grassmarket Square

Stumbled upon (quite literally) the grave of Adam Smith, noted economist

View of West Bow from above, near High Street

A quick interesting milliner's shop in Grassmarket.

24 July 2011

Edinburgh: Day Two

Sorry - it has been so hard to find time to post! A few more pictures.  More images, and stories to come, I promise!

Entrance to Edinburgh Castle

No relation, but a cool sign nonetheless

Palm House, Royal Botanical Gardens

Statue in honor of Greyfriars' Bobby

Greyfriars' Kirkyard

23 July 2011

Edinburgh: More Day One

View of the castle with a thistle in foreground.

Author of "Horology"

Gravestone in Calton Hill Cemetery

View of the Forth of Firth
View from Old Calton Hill to the northeast.  The thing that looks like a firepit just right of center was part of  Robert the Bruce's castle.

View from Calton Hill towards the city center, to the south. 

The castle at a distance.

22 July 2011

Edinburgh: Day One

Still battling some jet lag and getting used to the fact that it is still like at 10:30pm.  Here are just a few photos from today.  Many more to come!

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